KHADI RAG PAPERS are made from 100% cotton rag in Karnataka, South India. This kind of rag paper is rare, and known for its exceptional strength and durability. The cotton rags used are sourced from T-shirt cuttings, a reliable source of pure woven cotton.

The Khadi paper mill directly employs over 50 men and women from local villages and indirectly provides work for bookbinders, printers, envelope makers, and the carpenter Irrappa, who makes their moulds and deckles. It is also an organic farm, irrigated by run-off water from the paper mill.

As no papers are made from wood pulp, there is no negative impact on India's forest resources. No chlorine, bleaches, or harmful chemicals are used in any of the papers, each and every sheet is genuinely acid free.

Khadi Papers also supports WaterAid in India and Nepal.